Happy new year! I realise I’m not really good at updating my website, but with the current situation, not so much to update. Even though…

I’ve been quite busy last year, developping a solo for saxophone and ambisonics with supercollider. I’ve had the chance to premiere it in June in Leipzig thanks to the invitation from ZiMMT and there’s a video of it here:

I am still busy optimising and expanding it and have to thank KdFS, Musikfonds, GLV and the Neustart-Kultur program for the support these last 18 months, it is quite a privilege and I feel very lucky.

Now, what to expect for 2022? Things are still very uncertain and I hope I can be back on tour at some point, but this is still in planning. I will be busy locally, still working on my solos and also preparing events for LeipziXP. We will have the festival ZiXP again this year in June, with a soundart exhibition! And the concert series LiLe will also happen, though not clear yet exactly in which form and when.

So, looking forward to a busy and hopefully refreshing 2022!