Installation for 7 speakers and Supercollider, 2017 – Here, stereo reduction.
Duration: ca 10 minutes

Protest movements are often like some sort of echo chambers for new ideas in the social or political field. These ideas, though often minority, can be adopted very quickly if a critical mass is reached, and can then become obvious.
Masse Critique, is a study on the previous statement, but also on my technical possibilities with the programming software Supercollider. It is a work in progress, examining multichannel broadcasting, randomisation and automation.
The sound excerpt were taken on YouTube or on the archive (from users AdamN, cdrk, KarymRonda, MikeWoloszyn, mloveless89, siroco, xserra, KeeziWalks) and are coming from England, Greece, France, USA, Tunisia, Colombia, Spain, Egypt and Turkey.