Lignes de niveaux (Eng. level lines) is a new solo project from Leipzig-based French saxophonist Sébastien Branche. It is an extension of his Tenor-sax-on-a-stand solo work, which is this time brought into an electroacoustic and immersive experience through the use of Supercollider and the Ambisonics 3D-sound technique.

His usual elements are present: as always, long tones, multiphonics and breath are modulated through the use of various objects or extended techniques, but this time multiplied by the use of electronics, sampling, movement or modulation through space.

The saxophone can be built down and rebuilt in a phantasmagorical version that fills the room and surrounds the listener, who is invited to dive into the sonic mass he is presented to. Sébastien mixes static and dynamic elements to create abstract landscapes that he lets evolve slowly, as an invitation to explore them at one’s leisure.

It was developed thanks to the support of KdFS and its Denkzeit program, Musikfonds and GLV through their Neustart-Kultur program and premiered in ZiMMT in July 2021.

Please listen with headphones for immersivity – the recordings are in binaural format.