Happy new year! Happy to start the year with a new release on Mappa Editions

Lignes de Fuite by Sébastien Branche

It is raw material rather than tool. Polished metal body or beslavered tube. Just tenor sax at the end of its pilgrimage. It is sculptural object – assemblage without original function rather than a museum artefact of musical viruosity. Heavy metals flowing through the sewer from the concert hall. Small scrap dried by sunlights. Bubbling, squealing and rustling. Circular breathing – as if you have been blowing glass. Objects shaped by breath. Sébastien Branche as a sculptor and a bricolier.

Sébastien plays soprano, tenor and C-melody saxophones. He got started with improvisation through workshops with musicians coming from contemporary jazz or improvised music.
Interested in perceptive phenomenons, he works mainly with sound as a material, describing himself as a “sound crafter”. His interests also extends to body and space, as he regularly confronts his practice to contemporary dance, soundart, through collaborations mainly with photographer Diane Martinot and music and technology, through the use of programming language Supercollider. Based in Leipzig, Germany since 2015, he is an active member of the blooming local scene.

Augmented-Saxophone Solo
Performed by Sébastien Branche
Recorded at Neue Musik Leipzig by Sébastien Branche
Artwork and risograph print by Hibernant.net
Released by mappa as MAP014 in 2020

Happy 2020