Premier album du duo, entièrement autoproduit. L’album complet est disponible à l’écoute. Merci d’utiliser un bon casque, les enceintes d’ordinateurs ne peuvent pas reproduire les détails du son.

La première pièce est issue d’un concert aux dimanches de l’impro (à Montreuil) en Avril 2009, la seconde d’un concert à Cruce (Madrid) en Janvier 2009.

Il est disponible auprès de nous pour 10 euros (frais de port compris pour l’Europe).

Chroniques :

I must admit I was confused by the name of this particular saxophone duo when I saw them in concert a couple of weeks ago as part of Pascal Marzan’s R de Choc series of concerts at the Espace Jemappes here in Paris, « relentless » being an adjective I’d associate with Paul Flaherty or Hijokaidan rather than with Sébastien Branche and Artur Vidal’s elegant, supple post-nmperign improvisation. But the two tracks on their self-produced debut CD (see URL above) live up to the name well, with plenty of circular breathing and extraneous objects – cups, metal plates – placed on and in the horns, often giving the illusion that we’re listening to a trio or even a quartet. Neither of the two tracks, lasting respectively 18 and ten minutes, overstays its welcome, which is just as well: 40+ minutes of this stuff could probably try the patience. But I look forward to hearing more of the duo’s more spacious, pared-down work on future releases. –DW (Feb 2010)