Variations 2b

Variations 2 is a project involving two new pieces of music which borrow their structure from Christoph Schiller’s solo CD ‘Variations’. On that CD Christoph combined several solo 5-minute performances  in an overlapping, chain-like structure. It is web-hosted on label Another Timbre website.

I participated to variations 2b. Here is the link to the webpage with details and sound : variations 2 on Another Timbre

And here is the embed of the whole piece :

Sessions with Emilio Gordoa

This is the recording of a session with Emilio Gordoa (vibraphone and object).

Special Solo works

I was kindly invited by the Freiraum Festival to perform in a church in September 2017, with the task to take into account and play with the specific acoustics of the space. Remembering of I am sitting in a room from Alvin Lucier, I decided to experiment with delay. I was joined in the experience by Laurenz Theinert and his visual piano for a light performance. Here is a video with some of the highlights and an audio recording of the whole piece, including the intro.