Archive#2 is published so close of the Archive#1 because we thought crucial with this release to signify the evolution and the work accomplished by the orchestra during its 2nd residency during summer 2012. This one has indeed allowed to establish a much more defined direction, both aesthetically and strategically, for the IMO’s near future. After experimenting a large range of conductions types, IMO made the choice to work on and build a specific way to improvise in a large group, based on collective actions, on certain sounds, on volume control, etc.
Line 1 is a long drone, where each musician integrates it regarding its capacity to hold a continuous tone, slowly developing the sonic mass’s timbre and spectrum. Line 2 is an improvisation where the orchestra explores a series of matters, in strongly coherent blocks, naturally passing by various densities and colors.



” L’IMO se dirige apparemment vers une forme d’improvisation de plus en plus contraignante, mais aussi et surtout de plus en plus cohérente et limpide, et trouve ainsi une intensité et une puissance rares pour un si gros orchestre. Hâte d’entendre leurs prochains travaux.”
Julien Héraud, improv sphere

“La ligne est là, qui guide l’improvisation. Elle ne sort jamais de sa route mais module ses éclats : crissements ici, sourde résonance ailleurs avant de s’interroger sur la pertinence de quelques éphémères fissures entrevues ça et là. Et faire ainsi de l’IMO l’une des plus « questionnantes » et des plus excitantes expériences collectives de notre temps.”
Luc Bouquet, le son du grisli

“Admittedly, an ensemble this large (36 by my count, presuming all play on each of the two cuts) that creates music this restrained has me half won over from the get go”
Brian Olewnick, Just outside