Alexandra Bellon (percussion, glockenspiel) – Anna-Kaisa Meklin (viola da gamba) – Anouck Genthon (violin) – Brice Catherin (cello) – Bruno Crochet (laptop) – Christoph Schiller (spinet, objects) – Christophe Berthet (soprano saxophone) – Cyril Bondi (percussion) – d’incise (laptop, harmonium) – Dorothea Schürch (musical saw) – Eric Ruffing (analog synthetiser) – Hans Koch (clarinet) – Ivan Verda (guitar) – Jamasp Jhabvala (violin) – Lucien Danzeisen (objects) – Marei Seuthe (cello) – Maxime Hänsenberger (percussion) – Patricia Bosshard (violin) – Raphaël Ortis (laptop) – Regula Gerber (double bass) – Rodolphe Loubatière (percussion) – Sandra Weiss (bassoon) – Sébastien Branche (tenor saxophone) – Steve Buchanan (alto saxophone) – Teresa Hackel (recorders) – Vincent Ruiz (double bass) – Vinz Vonlanthen (guitar) – Violeta Motta (traverso)

Recorded by Simon Reynell in Geneva, 2018. Mixed by d’incise.

Commissioned by Insub Meta orchestra with the support of: Ville de Genève & Ville de Lausanne


The fact that the commissioned composers are none other than Michael Pisaro and Magnus Granberg speaks volumes about the high esteem in which IMO is held…
This album is not Marcus Granberg’s first outing on Insub; his impressive 2017 album Nattens Skogar (Version For Four Players), in the company of Cyril Bondi, d’incise and the Swedish violinist Anna Lindal, had that distinction and forged links which led to this IMO album.
Granberg’s compositions are habitually inspired by past compositions by others, although never in ways obvious enough for him to be accused of borrowing. The title of Als alle Vogel sangen mein Sehnen und Verlangen (“As all the birds sang my longing and desire”) may be a clue to the source material here, as it is a quote from “Im wunderschönen Monat Mai” (“In the beautiful month of May”) the first song in Robert Schumann’s song cycle “Dichterliebe,” (“A Poet’s Love”). Whether or not that is the case, the piece is characteristically Granberg, having his flair for melody and a loose, relaxed delivery. Despite having a large ensemble at his disposal, Granberg has noticeably not overcrowded the piece, instead having deployed the variety of instrumental sounds within IMO to keep the soundscape fresh and interesting as well as uncluttered.
Anyone already under the spell of Granberg, thanks to his Another Timbre recordings with his ensemble Skogen, will relish this IMO recording as it shares many of their strengths.
John Eyles / All about jazz 


paru le 25 octobre 2019