April-May 2022 On Tour
Lignes will be on tour in Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic, often sharing the evening and sometimes also the stage with local artists.
The tour is supported by the Goethe Institut and its program “Grün unterwegs”

17,18,19-06 ZiXP Festival in ZiMMT, Leipzig
Festival for the local experimental scene of Leipzig. Various combinations with local artists.
Closing concert with Ensemble Modèle Réduit.

02-07 Ambient Staircase in Krudebude, Leipzig
with various local artists

25-09 Seanaps in Westflügel, Leipzig
new version from the Solo Lignes (with the kind support of Musikfonds / Neustart-Kultur)
Ensemble Modèle Réduit
Program on www.seanaps.net